Connection to Purpose

Engage with the Inner You

Energy Work & Meditation

Understand your Purpose

Spiritual Guidance

Evolve & Enlighten your Life

Grounding and Releasing

Clarity and Wisdom

Mary Love, born psychic medium, is here to help direct those in need of spiritual assistance. Since 2016, she has provided services for the following:

Custom spiritual work & development for all walks of life
Psychic readings (known as her "Purpose reading")
Mediumship reading
Health energy reading
Chakra alignments and energy work
Spiritual and Life coaching
Guided meditations

Her spiritual path has led her to heal others and guide her clients on their spiritual path by honing in her gifts as a psychic medium, healer, and conduit for spiritual guidance.

Mary Love works closely with her clients in helping them heal and communicate with their inner spirit, their spirit guides, ancestors, loved ones, and protectors.

It is Mary's goal to spiritually influence all communities and walks of life with bridging the connection of spiritualism to the human experience as well as guidance all to enlightenment.